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I was honored to speak and take some question

I was honored to speak and take some question on how to revive and gain more people in Cali’s Republican Party at the convention center.
I spoke about the Republican Party:
The Republican Party has been around more than 160 years and has changed directions many times, Republicans have become more extreme than Democrats, lately. American history has many examples of a party/s going off the rails and it will take a long time to recover. The GOP gravity has shifted sharply to the right wing of the political, and social issue of spectrum. we in the republican party must be more centerish on many social issues to attract younger generation and women which are indispensable to our country, and to our Republican party’s future. 
In order for GOP to be more successful beyond 2018 mid-term election the party must move to expand outside its ideological base and gravitate to the center.

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