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“Politics is a Good Thing.”

I’ve been called a prevailed boy born on a sunny day, a tall brunet . It’s easy for me to find the good in others and the silver lining to most situations. Writing this blog about politics could be controversial yet not so simple task to write for me. Well, Instead, I wanted to take this opportunity to challenge myself — and the readers — to find the good in politics even though sometimes it seem not so good.
One of the most remarkable experiences of my life aside from my family was when I ran for Van Nuys Council office.
My thought of politics which is below, I hope will inspire you to dig a little deeper into the claims our candidates are making and to rise above the noise and skepticism. I also hope it will inspire you to take action: attend political events, get involved in your communities, advocate on behalf of your beliefs, know that your voice are important, it counts and, please, vote!

I often see at any political events buttons that read: “Politics is a Good Thing.”
The message of the button contradicts what most people think of politics, and it often causes people to stop and say, Why?
That’s my opening to show that politics isn’t just smoke-filled rooms and corruption, but the means to make their community, state and nation better places, and make legislation that makes life better for the citizens .
Again know that your voice are important, it counts and, please, vote!

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