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Where is the arcade on fantage

Space Invaders Frenzy Video Arcade Game | eBayThe arcade is in The Carnival, in the arcade tent. You can play!

On fantage where is the third key for the bear mission?

carnval and you have to defeat the clown girl next to the arcade !

share: How do you win starz on Fantage?

Play every game you see and go to the arcade and play those games

share: What are some ways to get free ecoins on fantage?

-join fantage arcade and do from there -first week you get free 500 ecoins -download fantage bullseye or id fone -type “fantage Ecoin hack” on Google and there’s many choices(bad idea u can be banned forever but this never happened) -JUST BUY EM’

share: How you get free ecoins in fantage besides buying ’em or going to fantage arcade .com?

watch videos for 20 or 25 e-coins its good but their are normally only 2 or 1 a day

share: Is there any virtiral chat games?

It depends on your age really 5+ Club Penguin Fantage Arcade Bliss Yahoo! Games) 10+ Habbo IMVU

share: Where to find all the eggs on Fantage?

Egg Hunt Guide Downtown, by the Star Cafe. In the Star Cafe. (Bottom Left Corner). In Stellar Salon. In Le Shop. At the Beach by the Umbrellas. In the Arcade, between Bricks Breaking and Pearly Pop. Inside the Castle Realtors by Type Boo. Inside the Castle by the right side Bench. Outside the Arcade in the bushes. Outside the Grotto. Outside the Wizard’s Domain. In the Costume Shop. Outside the Creature Arena’s Portal. Uptown, by… Read More

share: indoor jungle gym How do you get in the ice cream shop at the carnival in Fantage?

well, it’s actually not an ice cream shop. i know it has the ice cream sign on the tent but it’s actually an arcade! and you click the door to go inside..

share: Where are all the eggs for the Easter mission on Fantage?

Le Shop Star Cafe Super Power Shop Stellar Salon Top Models Board Shop Costume Shop Vintage Shop ID Fone Shop Ottoman’s Furniture Dance Club Beach (above hammock) Oasis Carnival (to the left of the arcade) Mount. Fantage (helicopter) Castle Bridge (over the sun) Castle Realtor’s (inside of the castle) Wizard’s Domain (upper left of Staries) Forest (left of Lucky Bob’s) Fantage School

share: How can you earn free ecoins on fantage?

Here are some ways. You can log in 7 days in a row and then you get 500 free ecoins (but that only works once). Or you can go on fantage arcade and create an account then click on the ecoins icon and complete the super simple serveys. The last way I know is go on and register then omplete the surveys and when you get enough points you vpcan the ecoins or the… Read More

share: What are the Fantage names of the people who created Fantage?

The name of the person who created Fantage is Daryl Fantage. his last name is also Fantage It was made in 2008!

share: Do you have a fantage?

yes i have a fantage. mine is a member 🙂 do you have a fantage? LOL Weird Q. I have a member fantage, very random

share: What company owns Fantage?

Well the company who owns fantage is Fantage inc.

share: How do you go on fantage rainbow chat on fantage?

Fantage rainbow has got hacked by mean lolwutgoat soo now its kinda ruined, but their are many fun other chats, website is the link for fantage rainbow. Here is the other chats you can go on fantage cheese ( i hate it ) fantage bluemoon ( the best ) fantage zebra ( its alright ) fantage cherrios ( is kinda alright) BYE!

share: How can you free membership on fantage?

You can’t have free membership on Fantage. Fantage has membership for themselves to make money. If membership was free, Fantage would get out business.

share: Who like Fantage?

Me, I like Fantage , my username is prinsess5742. I have a friend named julenea and she likes Fantage. There are over 1000 more people who likes Fantage.

share: Does Willow Smith have a Fantage?

No she does not have a fantage.

share: What is fake Fantage?

there is no fake fantage

share: Fantage you want najo0oly to be mumber in fantage?

i awnt me to be a member on fantage lol i know lol

share: Where the rope is for the Indian in fantage?

I found the rope on mt. fantage, do u know where the hammer is on fantage?

share: Who wants a free Fantage?

If you want a free fantage go to fantage and as the user name type in blabla12300 and as the password type in password………. now you have a free fantage

share: Math arcade to pass math arcade?

The answer to pass the math arcade is end6.*_* =-) *-*

share: Which is better gaia or fantage?

fantage is totaaly better then the old gaia i even have a fantage acount myself

share: Where is the Arcade Free Library in Arcade located?

The address of the Arcade Free Library is: 365 West Main Street, Arcade, 14009 1110

share: What does fantage chat mean?

to talk on Fantage

share: When did Fantage happen?

Fantage happened in 2008.

share: Are there any game site that has fantage?

Yes. has Fanatge play on the website. You can log on to your account and play on Fantage, it also has some Fantage games on there even if you do not have a Fantage account.

share: Is fantage a noun?

Yes, Fantage is a noun, a proper noun, the name of a specific website, a word for a thing. A noun is a person, a place, or a thing. For example: “Fantage is fun!” or “Fantage is a cool game!”. (Fantage, fun, and game are nouns, words for things.)

share: Where is the kidnapper on fantage?

There is no kidnapper on Fantage, it is just a rumor. So don’t be afraid of having your Fantage avatar kidnapped

share: When was Fantage made?

fantage was made in the year 2005. and i dont really know lol. Fantage was in 2008 Because when I went to the help page on fantage it said that. Fantage was completed in 2007 and launched in 2008, Civic_princess + Aquamarine + Gingerbread were some of the first people on there.

share: How do you cheat funbrain arcade games?

easy. for math arcade is cola1, fun arcade is spoon1.

share: Where is the arcade on Pokemon platinum?

The Game Arcade is in Veilstone City, and the Battle Arcade is in the Battle Frontier.

share: Where is the Arcade Historical Society in Arcade New York located?

The address of the Arcade Historical Society is: 331 Main St, Arcade, NY 14009-1110

share: Where can i find a bakery in fantage?

There are no bakeries on Fantage, people!!

share: How do you get the bush costume on fantage?

You get it with a gem combination at fantage.

share: Is Fantage in danger?

No… Why would fantage be in danger? o.o

share: Does Fantage have any virouses?

No, fantage doesn’t have viruses.

share: How do you become a trendsetter on Fantage?

By having EVERYTHING in fantage!

share: How do you delete you Fantage membership?

you call fantage for that to happen

share: What is Fantage Japan?

Its Like Fantage But Its Not In English And Has No Membership

share: How do you get the veterans medal on Fantage?

you get the medal when your on fantage for a month

share: Where are the superheroes on fantage?

There are no superheros on Fantage. hope i helped [ : ) : ) : ) ]

share: When was Fantage created?

Fantage was released on April 2008. I actually didn’t know when was fantage created. I think it is 2008 if I am not wrong?

share: How do you make clothes on Fantage?

Well really there is not a way to make clothes on fantage, The owner of fantage is what makes most of the clothing

share: Can you post a link to a fantage ecoin maker on this question?

u mean fantage ecoin generator? fantage beta mediafire

share: How do you talk on fantage?

If your new on fantage make an account then play fantage for at least 1 hour or if you don’t wanna wait a whole hour varify your account in your email you used for your fantage account

share: All of the funbrain arcade passwords?

pirate8 is the password for the arcade to unlock all games ARCADE ONLY

share: What are the differences between computer games and arcade games?

Computer games are on a PC, and arcade games are in an arcade!

share: Any sites like Fantage?

There are many sites like fantage but i dont think that they are very perfect like fantage. Woogiworld is also like fantage but not perfect. Club penguin is also like that but not at alll perfect like fantage so better to play in fanatage.

share: How do you spell arcade?

Arcade is the correct spelling.

share: What server does civic princess go on in fantage?

Civic Princess quit Fantage long ago. She doesn’t play Fantage anymore.

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