By Kambiz Merabi, sets the standard for luxury Rental Office, Apartment, and Retail which provides unparalleled residential and Commercial luxury. .

Van Nuys Police Council Honors Mr Kambiz Merabi for outstanding citizenship and his role in positive community involvement

We had a chance to speak with Mr Kambiz Merabi after he was so graciously awarded his certificate of appreciation from Van Nuys police council.  Mr. Kambiz Merabi had a couple important words to say to the community…”Giving back to community it’s  benevolent …  It is an act of kindness that everyone can do and it’s the least one we can do for the community, I am honored to help improve my community, for it residents, business owners and Public works employees it’s an honor, thank you.”

We are in the process of improving the city we understand we are nowhere near the place that we know we can accomplish… so with people like Mr Merabi, by doing their part in the community we look forward to a wonderful New Year and may the Van Nuys  community in 2020 see improvement on the improvement which we made in 2019.

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