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keyless mobile access control entry for its tenants at 14545 Friar office building.

Keycards and fobs may go the way of the dodo at the Merabi Organization Group LA.’s own & managed office portfolio. The company said this week that it has hired a Culver City-based PropTech startup OpenPath to provide keyless mobile access control entry for its tenants at 14545 Friar office building.

“We chose to hire OpenPath after we made a commitment to ourselves to bring forth the best and safest on-site experiences for our tenants at 14545 Friar buildings,” Kambiz Merabi the president and CEO said in an interview with Van Nuys Press. The agreement comes a little more than a year after Merabi began using OpenPath’s access control system in its office properties on the West Coast, and said that all his buildings by end of 2020 will be smart building. The agreement is also a sign of the rise of PropTech, or property technology, disrupting commercial real estate.

Along with OpenPath, companies such NexKey, BioConnect and others are trying to change the way tenants enter so-called smart buildings. Currently, most office buildings require a keycard or fob swipe to access the building said Mr. Merabi, but we are changing and setting trend for all our competitors to follow . Systems like OpenPath ditch the need for those sometimes bulky items.  Using a cloud-based system, OpenPath sets up access portals at various entryways in a building and allows employees or tenants to use their mobile phones to enter our building. Tenants can either wave their phone over a portal or brush their hand or elbow for access into the building said Mr. Merabi.

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