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Assemblyman & Candidate For Governor “Travis Allen”

Van Nuys Councilman Josef Lazarovitz and former Van Nuys Councilman Kambi Merabi meet with Assemblyman Travis Allen at the California State Republican Convention in Anaheim this weekend.  State Representative Allen…
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By Kambiz Merabi We wish everyone a beautiful Memorial Day weekend full of gratitude, family, friends and fun.

With the events in Manchester, and Cairo fresh in our minds, we at By Kambiz Merabi give thanks to all the *HERO* brave men and women who have  served our country…
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3841 Ridgemoor drive Studio City CA PROJECT…..

3841 Ridgemoor drive Studio City CA 3 beds 3 baths 1,625 SQFT on a Lot 6,534 SQFT  1 car garage. SELLING PRICE $1.3 M Contact Jessica Felix 818-399-7214 We will Help serious…
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New York Celebrity Property Developer Kambiz Merabi brings his NY style to Los Angeles

New York Native, celebrity property investor/designer brings his NY flavor to Los Angeles, with his latest remodeling project to Studio City, California. The Marble, Glass Tile, Walk in Closet beauty…
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