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Mr. Kambiz Merabi remarks on the correlation between U.S. stock market (as a whole) and real estate as a whole.

Although many people assume that there is a direct relationship between the stock market and real estate values exists, Mr. Merabi believes there is no direct or causal relationship. Mr.…
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For many malls, it’s adapt or die as retailing faces dramatic challenges, and then On Tuesday Unibail The French Mall Owner Is Buying Westfield for $15.7 Billion.

The tough times that face America’s malls are starkly apparent around the most of the malls in the US. In Burnsville Center, at least 18 store fronts are empty. At…
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The United States Men’s National Team are out of the 2018 World Cup in Russia. It’s the first time since 1986 

It is heart breaking that our country is not going to be in world cup 2018. Could the US ultimately emerge from the wreckage of its failed attempt to reach the…
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How Will Tax Reform Affect the two most popular investment field in USA?

The stock market and real estate represent two of the most popular growth investments available to Americans, and they invest in them for golden age of their retirements. I believe that…
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How Will Tax Reform Affect CRE, Commercial Real Estate and CRE Investors?

I believe, “Real estate does well in periods of positive economic growth, and tax cuts will lead to higher levels of economic growth and higher levels of rent and higher…
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Much to my pleasure, I received a letter of congratulations today

Much to my pleasure, I received a letter of congratulations today, it came to me as a wonderful surprise. I am touched, honored, and I am flattered with the letter…
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Assemblyman & Candidate For Governor “Travis Allen”

Van Nuys Councilman Josef Lazarovitz and former Van Nuys Councilman Kambi Merabi meet with Assemblyman Travis Allen at the California State Republican Convention in Anaheim this weekend.  State Representative Allen…
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