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At by kambiz merabi: we do what we love for our tenants that we love, and we do it for all the tenants who love what we do in all our buildings. As leading a private company, I have found that surprising that many on real estate investment firm are asking question about our business?! that we rarely think about and describe our brand The By Kambiz Merabi. in the real estate market question like what is your total addressable market or description of your buildings? Is your brand and your buildings are a lifestyle ? while it's easier to navigate in our new world today, that's been properly mapped and labeled, it is just not how you will find our buildings and the amenities its offer, but to understand what we do, and why we do it! One has to look beyond the building, what it has and what it offers how can I help wave a more compassionate and resilient networking for businesses and entrepreneur locally, nationally, and beyond.     To understand why we do it one will have to look beyond the buildings we have and the caliber of tenant we have!

Budget: USA, California

California's budget surplus has exploded to $68B Lawmakers are eagerly preparing a Wishlist for the estimated windfall. CALIFORNIA has about $286 Billion dollars budget the most from 52 states, and…
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The Friar Business Lounge, an inside View of How It All Works.

BUSINESS LOUNGE business lounges are rarely luxurious, but businesspeople love them. Perhaps they crave access to an "exclusive" business lounge or club. We are in an era that these lounges…
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Smart and wise businesspeople say Asking questions from entrepreneurs, it will help new businesspeople grow!

Need questions to ask  Our successful CEO the world known entrepreneur * Kambiz Merabi * once a week take questions to help others with their business, career, and personal growth.…
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We Got Virtual Address ( Business Address) Actual Suite Number for businesses.

Hi this is kambiz merabi with We Got Virtual Address, and, in this Article, I want to communicate to you about your business address, and how important that is for…
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Member Requirements/By Invitation ONLY

The Friar Business Lounge sponsors By Kambiz Merabi  sends out invitations to businesspeople seeking, all business associate and colleague who had shown interest by emailing will oversee by board. Once…
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WeGotOffices is a company built to inspire and cultivate business & success.

This Is Our Story The story behind WeGotOffices is a company built to inspire and cultivate business & success. Featuring private offices, executive offices, Members business Lounge, and coworking in…
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We are very pleased to have such an overwhelming traffic, visitors & response to our website   Our sincere thanks to each and every one!

The Great Return to offices: Companies Are Calling Their Workers Back to the Office as COVID-19 Fades away. We are seeing businesses are showing flexibility in bringing employees back to…
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The offices rental are getting an upgrade again.

With the shift to come back to office NOW, we are prepared, and offer many options for welcoming back companies that are renting offices. We have Planned for a safe…
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Our Digital Virtual mail & address are designed For Companies And Individuals. Make A Great First Impression With Your Customers By Displaying A Professional Street Address & Suite number. Digital…
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