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Content Management Tips.

Here at By Kambiz Merabi we understand the importance of relevant content and the importance of having skilled writers not plagiarizer peoples hard work. Content is something that is used in a website to bring attention to the skill set that the business possesses. The content should not be anything that is not relevant or familiar to what that business is trying to personify.

It should represent, because a professional in a industry they will be the first tell you what his or hers assets of the content.


Commercial Real Estate-

In the field of commercial Real Estate this would be divided into a sector of industry; retail, Office Space, corporate offices, executive offices, rooftops, and so forth.

what type of locations are available, what type of office looks, small, medium or large size offices.

What a virtual office is and what is the best option for the person, there are instances for instance like real estate agents or insurance salesmen, they don’t necessary.


Chef- A chef content should be directed to his audience with a suspense full corky kind off whiny.

Secondly it should be about taste, flavor, what the ingredients are what is the at ingredient is so important.

Third what makes the plate so unique, where it originates from, what culture it represents, why is this recipe so important, what make this so perfectly well matched…etc.


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