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Luxury Commercial Real Estate By Kambiz Merabi

At By Kambiz Merabi we believe LIFE IS THE LUXURY AND WE OFFER UNMATCHED LUXURY to compliment it.

 Your great business day starts here at our building the moment you walk in.

“As a landlord of an existing buildings, we always have to upgrade,” Mr. Merabi says. “You can’t sit on your laurels. That’s why every building we buy, one of the first things we set out to do is figure out what requires renovating and improving,” He says.

With by Kambiz Merabi         


With over 5.6 million commercial buildings in the United States, many people, employees, their visitors, clients  and consumers alike, expect facilities particularly and especially our buildings to be sustainable—through energy conservation, solid waste management and recycling, with resource conservation, to name a few. But what many people don’t realize is that a sustainable business cannot be achieved without efficient teams in each of our buildings .

Since we manage all our buildings ourself with Mr. Merabi leading all facility management. Facility management sounds exactly like what it is: A professional management discipline rooted mainly in the efficient and sustainable delivery of services and facility improvements within the buildings.

Mr. Merabi believes in modern luxury class A buildings that offer amenities to tenants from A to Z.

the amenities that make tenants focus on their business and be successful . He knows that office building is really competitive right now, he is adding 6000 square feet to the Friar building  to meet the growing demand. But not just any 6000 , his is very high tech space that will have work space for sharing with the millennial interacting with one another and networking .

His new innovation is MEMBERSHIP rental . He said: we’ve found that tenants looking for new office and industrial workspace are focused on specific building amenities to help drive their business grow rapidly and having amenities and the membership allows them to make decisions comfortably .

Some of the additions to the building are :

  • Fitness Centers
  • EV Station
  • Café and a Quick-Serve Restaurant on the rooftop.
  • Conference and Training Room
  • Bike Station
  • Lobby Lounge 
  • Patio 

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