Luxurious at work place is life dream for our tenants. CALL BY KAMBIZ MERABI HOME AWAY FROM HOME

The offices rental are getting an upgrade again.

With the shift to come back to office NOW, we are prepared, and offer many options for welcoming back companies that are renting offices.

We have Planned for a safe & return to office at our buildings. At MOG we say: There is no place like workspace in our building.

Elevating the human experience to unlock productivity+ in the office environment in our buildings.

Employers have invested in more digital ways of working and working from home, but there’s little evidence these technology solutions, or working from home are moving the needle on workforce productivity+. Organization had seen and realized that employees working in the office in person and interacting with each other can improve the worker experience and deliver real business results. We are offering many office solutions to suit their need.


We have Planned for a safe & return to office at our buildings.

Understand guidelines & expectations

Review current rules and regulations, including the OSHA vaccine mandate, government guidelines, and other potential liabilities for our tenants

Manage employee concerns

We have set up team of proactively respond to concerns and fears through preventative safety measures and relevant policy updates, with detailed steps for implementation

Implement new systems

We have simply implemented action items for providing a sanitary work environment, promoting social distancing, preventing potential exposure, and other safety concerns in our buildings

We have Modernize our offices available for rent, so organization can use workplace to be productive and safe (Covid compliant), to schedule meetings room, Conf. rooms, workspace, and desks call our team at 818-817-0006, or Text us at 310-941-4000

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