Luxurious at work place is life dream for our tenants. CALL BY KAMBIZ MERABI HOME AWAY FROM HOME

The Friar Business Lounge, an inside View of How It All Works.


business lounges are rarely luxurious, but businesspeople love them. Perhaps they crave access to an “exclusive” business lounge or club. We are in an era that these lounges are good source of networking, look for more to open soon at all our buildings. As we learn in this interview, operating a lounge can be a great tool for businesspeople and entrepreneurs.

An interview with the building owner and developer Mr. Kambiz Merabi about his Rooftop Business Lounge:

Inside the open-air lounge on the rooftop and introduce the readers to behind-the-scenes decision-makers for this ONLY business lounge in the greater Van Nuys area.

 we will question the highest-ranking executive here Mr. Merabi for The Friar Business Lounge. we will speak with Mr. Merabi who guide decisions on Lounge operations, networks, marketing, and the building’s tenant & the lounge’s members experience. 

June 4, 2022, 2:00 pm By Susan Blake
Each year by begging of the summer RealEstateTrends releases its list of the highest performing real estate developers in the country, and, like clockwork, Kambiz Merabi of Van Nuys Los Angeles based ByKambizMerabi tops the list.

Good afternoon Mr. Merabi

Good afternoon Ms.  Blake

Can you define the business lounge for our readers?

Stay tune for the full interview…

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