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As we are celebrating our 5th anniversary of By Kambiz Merabi this year, I am thrilled, honored and proud of my team in LA & NY.

To our stakeholders, our amazing team in LA & NY, our great tenants & members,

As we approach, and will celebrate our 5th anniversary this year on March 14, I am thrilled, honored and proud to be writing this letter to all of you.
This year marks a very special year for By Kambiz Merabi as we celebrate our 5th anniversary which for two and the half years of, we were in the pandemic era. By Kambiz Merabi started in 2018, with a need for boutique luxury office building. We went from converting the 14545 Friar Street to a modern luxury office building, setting up all access for small businesses across Los Angeles, to gain network business tenants and members that are global leader in many industries and business sector. We have been working toward creating an inclusive luxury office provider experience that is unlike any other—a differentiated office rental experience offering tenants innovative, time and space-saving solutions coupled with astonishing services to start, promote, and grow their business with success.

Celebrating the Past

There are lessons to be learned from the past and I think for By Kambiz Merabi it comes down to two things. First, dream big! We had big dreams when we started By Kambiz Merabi. We made the dreams come true by turning them into goals and actionable strategies. What we have achieved is far beyond the wildest dreams we had at the start of this journey. Second, believe in your dreams passionately, show resilience, learn from your mistakes, and get back up when you get knocked down: the power of passion and perseverance!

Along our journey, we continued to do things no one else had done before and played a significant role in Luxury Class A Office building (the industry) – from being the first to demonstrate and provide services and the environment for our tenants to solely focus on their business and growing it. We have built and nurtured the next generation of startup and entrepreneur businesspeople and have created the new satellite office service for the businesses that do not need all year around offices.

Through organic growth and acquisitions of other office buildings, we strengthened our business, building an amazing base that is unique in our industry. By Kambiz Merabi has, in the process, become the largest independent satellite office service provider, and reached a unique scale and level of expertise that meets our tenants’ critical office suites needs and drives business growth.

It’s about the People

To our tenants, members: Thank you for trusting us for these four years and making us the leader in our industry. We are honored to have your trust and will work tirelessly to continue to deserve it.

To our employees: I am grateful for the opportunity to work with talented, dedicated, and passionate people every day. Your commitment to put our tenants, members first and to live our corporate values have been integral to By Kambiz Merabi’s progress and success.

To our stakeholders and partners: To be in business in these past 4 years, we recognize the importance of establishing collaborative partnerships that bring extraordinary value to both By Kambiz Merabi and our clients (tenants, Members, Partners). We thank our partners for their commitment, to implement our services in their buildings and provide honest feedback from their tenants around the world.

Shaping the Future

This year, we are entering a new phase as we are seeing results on Virtual Office address, and satellite office service provider, offering our fully managed new service solution, By Kambiz Merabi like the in house marketing, to provide everything tenants needs under the same roof, alongside advanced highly modern offices. We are creating new services, transforming our operations, improving tenants and members experience and continuing to deliver value to our tenants’ business.

The journey hasn’t been easy. It takes courage, passion, boldness, and perseverance. As By Kambiz Merabi celebrates its 4th anniversary, let’s toast our employees, tenants, stakeholders and partners who have helped us change the way people rent office and sustain businesses. Let’s continue to shape the future together.

I sure wouldn’t want to miss our future—would you?
We hope you’ll join us as a tenant or member!

Kambiz Merabi

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer