Luxurious at work place is life dream for our tenants. CALL BY KAMBIZ MERABI HOME AWAY FROM HOME

Our business networking, and our events or seminars are A LinkedIn on steroids for all our members, and tenants.

Our president & CEO Mr. Kambiz Merabi with his brilliant idea three years ago, to bring all the key members, and tenants together in one place, that had built a stunning space for professionals to collaborate. 

Mr. M said to them at every event: we’ve got your back….

Simultaneously our president and CEO created an in-house social media marketing team and department.

The social media marketing department is a diverse team of professionals that deliver 100% results and 0% excuses, providing a full spectrum of services including PR, social media, Influencer Marketing, Digital Marketing, that will take any business, or brand to the next level.

Our department live and breathe this stuff. They develop, they optimize, they analyze, they manage. Many ads, marketing, any time. But they never lose sight of the human element—the strategy behind the science. Every pixel they push has a purpose. If it doesn’t build your brand, drive new leads, or help you achieve your goals, they won’t do it (in-house social media marketing team).

Team leaders are:

Mr. Gibran Escobar & Ms. Kate Ryes