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Who is Kambiz Merabi

“Kambiz Merabi, a name that has become synonymous with luxury Rental commercial real estate development.

With a career spanning over three decades, Kambiz has taken his knowledge and experience in renovating mixed-use commercial real estate from New York to Los Angeles, California. But Kambiz is more than just a developer; he is a man of many passions and talents. Kambiz is a tennis enthusiast, a man of faith, a philanthropist, and an animal lover. Though, his true passion lies in creating a better future for his community. With each project he takes on, Kambiz devotes a large part of himself to the design, innovation, and outcome. He is not just a developer, but also part of the construction, engineering, architectural, and labor force when necessary. What sets Kambiz apart is his dedication to improving the overall ambiance of safety and dynamics of the city in which he owns building and works. He has learned over the years that by not just working with local departments that help improve the social circumstances of the community, but by also contributing with time, financial donations, and the use of his buildings to facilitate their duties, he can make a real difference. Nonetheless, Kambiz is not just a developer who goes to work to make money. He wants to leave a footprint of legacy that his family will be proud of. He is a devoted son, husband, and a proud father of three outstanding daughters who mean the world to him. He attributes his hard work and dedication to his father, mother, grandfather, and grandmother and all the mentors that he has had in his life. Kambiz’s vision goes beyond just creating luxury rental commercial real estate properties. He wants to be the example in the community that allows people to not just dream, although to see that their dreams are attainable. He wants to create buildings that are smart design and investment in the communities, climate, tackling big challenges like infrastructure, public health, security, and the environment, and that provide a luxurious ambiance. He works with the police department, fire department, and transportation department to improve the social circumstances of the community.

Kambiz is a man of faith, and one parable in the Torah stands out to him and he applies it to his life in every situation: treat everyone like it’s your own family. He believes that if you are a tenant, then you become an extension of his business family.

 He wants to leave a legacy that generations can benefited from it and to be inspired to do the same for many generations to come. Kambiz is also a philanthropist, and he has advocated for causes that are dear to him, such as the American Heart Society, American Cancer Society, and mental health. He has even formed nonprofits to proceed causes he believes in. One of Kambiz’s famous quotes is, ‘No problem and amazing both originate from nothing, so anything is within reach. Any problem can be solved, and amazing originates from being positive. Life is amazing.’ Kambiz Merabi, a man of many passions, a true visionary, and an inspiration to us all. His dedication to improving the community, creating a better future for generations to come, and his unrelenting passion for his work is truly awe-inspiring.”

Kambiz Merabi

What is By Kambiz Merabi

It is a couture rental luxury building developer / owner / Operator Commercial Real Estate Firm .

A couture rental developer refers to the creation of elegant, unique buildings. It is the : being, having, designing, suggestive styling, quality, implementing and unparalleled array of amenities with services tailored to each individual building.

The motto is: Let us raise the bar of your expectations! We know “One size fits all…fits NO ONE”


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