Luxurious at work place is life dream for our tenants. CALL BY KAMBIZ MERABI HOME AWAY FROM HOME

“Discover The By Kambiz Merabi: The Ultimate Expression of Couture in Rental Living or Working space”

The By Kambiz Merabi stands as the epitome of couture within the Merabi Organization Group’s portfolio of rental buildings. It represents an exclusive line of rental real estate, embodying the pinnacle of luxury and modernity among boutique rental buildings in both NYC and LA.

What defines a couture building?

What distinguishes a couture building?

In 2019, Mr. Kambiz Merabi highlighted the exceptional era for luxury rental buildings, leveraging sustainable design and cutting-edge tools. Each of our buildings signifies a remarkable shift in construction, prioritizing sustainability at its core said Mr. Merabi.

Welcome to a new era of luxury living and working at By Kambiz Merabi’s Rental Building.

Mr. Merabi stands as a trailblazer in couture rental buildings, setting trends that echo the exclusive lines of fashion designers. Much like a designer’s bespoke cultural collection, these buildings reflect a passion for art, luxury, environmental consciousness, and innovative technology. In 2019, driven by these values, Kambiz Merabi unveiled his couture boutique rental brand. The aim? To elevate rental properties by focusing on these foundational elements.

The ultimate objective is to craft an environment where tenants indulge in absolute opulence. Each building offers a comprehensive array of services, meticulously tailored to fulfill every need. Whether you inhabit one of Kambiz Merabi’s creations or operate within its walls, the experience is immersive and all-encompassing. Everything necessary is conveniently housed within the building, ensuring an environment that leaves no desire unmet.

At the core of our company lies a foundation built upon a network of repeat and referral tenants. We take immense pride in fostering this community, prioritizing consistent communication, nurturing robust relationships, and seamlessly navigating the complexities of real estate. Our aim is to alleviate the burdens, allowing you to focus on what truly matters to you.

In a world increasingly driven by technology and efficiency metrics, we acknowledge their value as accompaniments to human interaction. However, we firmly believe that personal touch should never be overshadowed. While it might seem efficient to delegate tasks to specialized individuals, we understand that in such models, the client risks becoming just a number in the system.

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