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The New York City real estate market. It is known as a recession proof and immune from a bad economy and financial crises prior to great recession of 2007-08. New York City is the world’s financial markets with over 9 million population and global hub for international business, and commerce. it is great CRE heaven for By Kambiz Merabi.
Adapting to the new global age, we have in recent years aggressively attracted wealthy renters on our Commercial and residential rental buildings from Canada, Norway, Asia, the Middle East, western Europe, and Russia. It’s no secret that forei

gners are largely to thank for the luxury rental bull market. Even today, we have started the trend which is marketing and planned Lower East Side development exclusively to Asian seekers.
The impact is indisputable in the commercial sector in NYC, where foreign investors had a hand in $27.7 billion worth of deals in Manhattan in 2015 alone — 35 percent of all transactions. And that figure doesn’t count foreign lending and all the foreign capital that has flown into U.S. real estate investment trusts or private real estate funds. Indeed, we argue that New York real estate will serve as a safe haven for domestic and foreign investors, that global upheaval is no big deal for New York real estate.

That is why the Manhattan’s CRE is sought after, and Kambiz Merabi and his By Kambiz Merabi are focus and investing in luxury class A in Manhattan market.