Luxurious at work place is life dream for our tenants. CALL BY KAMBIZ MERABI HOME AWAY FROM HOME

by kambiz merabi

"Since 1990, step into the captivating realm of Kambiz Merabi, where a journey from the runway to the rental real estate has ushered a new era in luxury living and professional space. Transitioning, and evolving flawlessly from a successful career as a supermodel, Kambiz has ventured into his family's business, carving a unique niche in the realm of rental real estate. The 'By Kambiz Merabi' brand is more than just a name; it's a couture line of novelty luxury rental buildings that redefine architectural brilliance, ultimately epitomizing a distinctive lifestyle. At the helm of this visionary venture stands Kambiz Merabi himself, serving as the directing artistic creator and designer. His fingerprint is unmistakable in every facet of these buildings, as he intricately weaves his distinct vision into the very fabric of each project. Teaming up with acclaimed architect Tony Ashai, Kambiz meticulously oversees the design process and handpicks the finest materials to bring his imagination to life. Artistry meets functionality in Kambiz Merabi's creations, fueled by a profound passion for art and fashion. Every detail of these buildings is a testament to his commitment to infusing elements of style and creativity into the architectural landscape. This journey isn't solitary; it's a collaborative endeavor. Kambiz and Tony Ashai, a trusted partner, synergize their expertise to craft spaces that harmoniously blend architectural brilliance with artistic expression. Their partnership is a testament to an unwavering commitment to innovation, resulting in spaces that not only captivate but also inspire. Kambiz Merabi isn't just redefining luxury; he's setting new standards. His dedication to impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail elevate the design benchmarks of every project he undertakes. Each building is a canvas where his creativity paints a timeless masterpiece. Step into Kambiz Merabi's world and explore these timeless spaces—where art, fashion, and architectural excellence converge to redefine modern living. Experience the embodiment of sophistication and charm in every structure, as Kambiz continues to push the boundaries of design, creating spaces that transcend mere construction to become enduring works of art."