We take immense pride in unveiling MOG’s current pursuit—a momentous endeavor poised to make history as the first 7-Star Sky-rise in Downtown Los Angeles. Introducing The MOG Tower, an awe-inspiring architectural marvel soaring 80 stories high. 

This visionary masterpiece embodies a multifaceted concept, seamlessly integrating various functionalities. Serving as a prestigious hotel, luxurious residential abode, opulent shopping center, captivating nightlife destination, versatile event venue, and esteemed home to Los Angeles’ most coveted culinary establishments, The MOG Tower promises an unparalleled experience.

Now, let us present an overview of the distinguished 361 S. Hill Street Project.




Since inception, By Kambiz Merabi has grown to become one of LA’s most admired and respected rental property developers. Design-led architectural innovation is matched by superlative specifications. Both are managed with a passion for detail and craftsmanship that is rarely found in an age of mass production.

By Kambiz Merabi’ interior design team work creatively to create luxurious, comfortable and practical interiors that will truly appeal to all tastes. Communal resident areas are carefully designed, communal gardens are beautifully landscaped, communal shopping stores and office buildings are efficiently designed to utilize the space for the tenants, and building exteriors are thoughtfully considered to ensure all developments truly enhance the local area.

Our interior design team work closely with both our production department and also with renters to ensure that their dream office, Shop, or apartment interior is realized.

By Kambiz Merabi has a number of exclusive relationships with market-leading furniture, carpet, tile and kitchen and bathroom suppliers, ensuring that all of his tenants are offered a range of high quality choices.

By Kambiz Merabi has partnered with world renowned interior designer Tony Ashai on a number of our larger developments, to provide an additional service to our most discerning tenant clientele.