Founded and headed by Mr. Kambiz Merabi, a real couture rental luxury building developer / owner. A couture rental developer refers to the creation of elegant, unique buildings. It is the : being, having, designing, suggestive styling, quality and implementing  unparalleled array of amenities and services tailored to each individual building. Let us raise the bar of your expectations! Mr. Kambiz Merabi knows “One size fits all…fits NO ONE”


Because one size doesn’t fit all.

Just like the couturiers that make custom, perfect- fit clothing, our By Kambiz Merabi  vision is to make your rental (office, retail, apartment) experience feel just as personalized just as exact, and just the right fit for you.

The By Kambiz Merabi brand is a luxury building development firm offering exceptional rental office spaces, residential apartment buildings, retail locations, and some of the most exquisite and mesmerizing rooftop locations in New York City and Los Angeles.

It is our pride to let our buildings and our clients speak for us. We approach every project with a high volume of sophistication, refined grace and charm to make Luxury be what luxury was intended to be.

Originality and setting new standards in commercial real estate is what sets a By Kambiz Merabi building apart from the rest. Our fleet of world-renowned architects and only utilizing the highest quality materials for our buildings are of upmost importance to every project.

We are honored to be revered as a platinum luxurious commercial real estate development firm. We prioritize the importance of location and bringing a new sense of life into prime areas in glamorous cities by the restoration of our buildings and new builds. We offer unmatched amenities to all our tenants and as a leader in luxury class A rentals we have innovated the “Lobby corporate concierge at your service” -motto. Our Concierge aims to provide our tenants with unmatched services which meet all their office needs.

As we look to the future of commercial real estate especially in the areas of office space and retail. Luxury and unmatched amenities to our tenants are entwined to a successful venture. Dedication and a set of values are what holds the keys to our collective endeavors.


We believe trust is the sacred circle that holds together healthy and nurturing communities.  We conduct all of our business activities honestly, reliable and truthfully without concessions.


Founder and Visionary – Mr. Kambiz Merabi has an unmatched ability for leadership, management, and construction development. Mr. Kambiz Merabi gains praises in every city he brings his team of business advisors and developers. Professionalism, dedication, and trust are embedded into every project from start to finish. Making Mr. Kambiz Merabi a respected name throughout New York City and Los Angeles due to his exemplary and honorable business conduct.


A Key factor in the longevity of success at By Kambiz Merabi is the importance of maintaining and building an impeccable reputation. The promises we agree on are the cornerstone of our dedication and it drives us to be better at what we do. All our critical decisions are considered with regard to the impact they will have on the well being and prosperity of our tenants and the city’s community we serve.


Our attitude towards maintaining a environmentally sound foundation in each construct is parallel to the essence, appearance, elegance, and glamour we implement to each and every project. As one of the builders of these two great cities future, it is our responsibility and our honor to pave the way for how constructions should be approached and finalized.

Planning the Future, Building on the Past