Restaurant and Lounge

The crown jewel of Van Nuys’s long-awaited one of the prettiest rooftop restaurant & Lounge in Van Nuys and Sherman Oaks.

It is for a laidback and stylish day or night out in Downtown Van Nuys and Civic Center of L.A., 

This Restaurant & Lounge is high-flying rooftop oasis is a surefire bet. Make your way to the buzzing, open-air 4000 square feet scattered with hip San Ferando Valley and westside clutching plastic cups and enjoy the scenery and the food bites, that you won’t want to share. Perfect for lunch break, an after-work schmooze or a reunion with old friends and family.

Grass Patterned floors, potted trees full of twinkly lights and charming seating combine nightly for a scene full of San Fernando Valley’s locals, and beyond.